About Me

Born in Milan (Italy), Cristiano is a freelance illustrator and motion graphic designer. He currently lives in Turin.

After graduating in Communication Sciences at University of Padua (Italy), he moved to Berlin, where he lived six years doing his first freelance experiences in videomaking.

He started to collaborate with different partners as motion graphic desginer partner, and being part in the creation of Rolling Eyes Films Berlin. Along with motion graphic, he began to experiment animation with hand-made drawings.

Now based in Turin, Italy, he now mostly works on illustrations, thinking about different fields of application: free drawings, posters, graphic and illustrations for books.

He works with digital and hand-made drawing, mixing different techniques: pencil drawing, ink-print, collage, watercolor, digital post-production.

A dream? A book, full of illustrations, and with something interesting to talk about.

Feel free to get in touch:

 polato.cristiano@googlemail.com or +39 324 698 37 53 


Selected Works

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